Monday, January 16, 2012

figuring it out

Today began as a normal day, I got up headed to work. Then the fun hit, got to work and had to turn right back around, due to my husband locking himself out of the house. With both my kids needing to get to practice and my hubby had no keys to drive or get in the house. I headed back on my 20 minute, one way, trip to save the day (as all mother's do).  Then back to work to smile and finish the day. Once I got home, right back into town,  for a quick game of bowling (with kid drama) and grab a bite to eat. Finally home (exhausted) and trying to get the kids to bed. Of course, there second wind has set in... To all the mother's out there: Our day begins with a new adventure each time we open our eyes, it allows our children to teach us something new. Even though sometimes it takes us a little calming down to figure out what that is.... 

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